Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Welcome to the Fascist States of America!

Well, it looks as if they’ve finally done it. Ever since the end of the Civil War, corporate interests in this country have been trying to take it over, to form a capitalist state with no regulations, no taxes (on the wealthy, that is), and no accountability to anyone. The movement hit a major snag when the Great Depression exposed the myth of capitalism for all to see, and the people were having none of it. But by the time the war had exhausted everyone the right-wing began sharpening their knives once again and started waging a covert war on democracy. It was subtle at first, and seemingly went unchecked for the next seventy years. So by the time the stupidest many in history took over the White House and exposed yet again what was happening, it was too late. And let me be perfectly clear, this is not about politics. Politics is theater, a distraction, misdirection at a magic show, to capture the attention of the audience so that they don’t see what is really happening. What we are experiencing at this moment is the complete and total corporate takeover of the United States. The democratic experiment is apparently nearing the end as a corporate oligarchy is poised to completely take control and consign the rest of us to third-class citizenship, whose only function is to make more money for the wealthy elites while they keep us in bondage to a life of servitude as wage slaves—INCLUDING THOSE WHO VOTED TO GIVE THEM THE POWER!

For all the historians out there, professional and amateur alike, who ever wondered what it was like in Germany in the early 1930s as the Nazis were taking over, well . . . now you know. Just like the people in Germany who wanted to vent their anger at someone or something—to whom Hitler offered them the Jews, and to reward him they made him dictator—we now have the Fascist States of America in which corporate-controlled politicians and judges have paved the way for the next Republican president to become a dictator and punish the brainwashed idiots who voted him into office by allowing him to take away all of their rights and freedoms—just like he’s going to do to everyone else. And to those Maggot cult members who still believe that they are going to escape the retribution that has been promised to “others,” they are in for a rude awakening once their corporate masters don’t need their “votes” anymore. They’re going to be right down in the pits of hell with the rest of us. Make no mistake. The only people the corporate oligarchy hates worse than liberals are the gun-toting, bible-thumping, beer-guzzling, trailer trash they’ve had to pander to for the last seventy years. Of course, THEY won’t need to do it directly to the fascist faithful. They only need to ply their brainless cult members with enough guns and indignation that they will do it to themselves.

The reality for most of us after the most recent supreme court decision (yes, purposely without capitals) is that we’ve probably cast our final democratic votes in the United States of America. Even if Biden wins legitimately, there is absolutely nothing stopping Republicans from taking the case to the supreme court to have them overturn the decision of the electorate. That’s always assuming that they haven’t already corrupted enough state election boards to make the exercise unnecessary. Honestly, there’s really only one way out of all this mess. That’s right, just one. Unfortunately, it would require that someone—perhaps many people—sit President Biden down after the election—no matter how it turns out—and acquaint him with the facts of life in our nascent fascist society. The political landscape in the country that Joe Biden once knew is gone—vanished. And someone needs to hammer that home to him—and don’t stop until he gets it. The old rules don’t apply anymore. The right-wing oligarchy is poised to take control, and simply handing over the reins to them in January because it is the “right thing to do” is not only NOT the right thing to do, it would be morally irresponsible and reprehensible, tantamount to treason and a complete abdication of the oath he took to protect and defend the Constitution. Biden has already signaled in his most recent White House remarks that he will not abuse the office of the president. That’s fine; no one is asking him to. What we will be asking, however—demanding, even—is for him to save democracy, no matter what the cost.

At the beginning of the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln was faced with a similar decision. The Southern states had seceded, but there were still sympathetic Southern judges on the Supreme Court who were poised to undo all that Lincoln was going to need to accomplish to see the war to a victorious end. And in that regard he had only one choice. What’s so tremendously impressive is that he did it, with no qualms and no handwringing. To save the Republic he had to pack the Supreme Court, and that’s exactly what he did. By expanding the court he obviated the need to remove justices by making Southern sympathizers a minority and rendering their views superfluous. This MUST happen after the election, or not only will Joe Biden not go down as a great president, he will forever be infamous as the man who ended democracy in America by handing over the government to the fascist, corporate oligarchy. It really is that cut and dried. Just winning the election will not be enough—not nearly enough. The very supreme court he needs to save, has already given him immunity powers that are unprecedented. He MUST use them! Since the court has essentially rendered Congress powerless, they can do nothing, deadlocked as they are. But the slim majority in the Senate enables Biden to put judges on the bench and get them confirmed without the House’s approval.

Honestly, there’s no other way. There just isn’t. If Biden doesn’t pack the court as soon as the election is over, the presidency will be taken away from him, one way or another, and in that moment democracy will have been taken away from all of us. This isn’t abuse of power. It’s giving back to the people what the right-wing oligarchs have already taken away from us through their employees on the supreme court. And somebody needs to make him see that! Will the Maggots on the right lose their shit when it happens? Absolutely. But none of that matters anymore. It really doesn’t. What Biden would be doing, he would be doing to save the Republic. Period. If that means calling out the National Guard to quell the right-wing riots, then so be it. If that means activating the military to make sure people are safe from the fanatics who have been so idiotic as to vote away their own freedoms, then that is a step worth taking. It’s gonna get ugly, people, one way or another. So wouldn’t it be better to get ugly in the pursuit of saving democracy rather than losing it?

No matter what happens in November, the bought-and-paid-for right-wing justices of the supreme court are going to remove Joe Biden from office, unless he rights the ship of state first by adding four more justices to the court. In the past Biden has dismissed the idea out of hand because of what the consequences would be down the road for right-wing abuse. Well, we’re way beyond that now. There’s no more road ahead. We are out of runway. This is the most existential threat this country has ever faced, without precedent. Joe Biden will be in power until the end of January. He needs to use that power to save this country. THAT must be his legacy. If he doesn’t, everything he has done in his entire forty-seven years of public service will be seen as nothing more than fiddling while Rome burns. The majority of people in this country—that’s right, the MAJORITY—do not want fascist rule. The people are on his side, and we need him to do what he was elected for. The days of reaching across the aisle are over. There needs to be one-party rule, sure, but that party needs to be the majority of the people in the United States, not the wealthy minority and their brain-dead zombie voters. Joe Biden is the only one who can save the country now. He is all that is standing between us and dictatorship. If he doesn’t pack the supreme court in November, then nothing else is going to matter. But I just don’t know if Biden has the fortitude. At this point, my optimism is gone.

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